Sunday, May 16, 2010

FREE Custom Fabric Sunglasses Cloth! (t-shirt company) is offering up a FREE sunglasses cloth, probably in hopes that you'll fall in love with their product, but hey, it's a great freebie!! Just head over here to get yours!

Thanks Collin!

Honey Nut Cheerios Instant Win Game!!

Go here to play the Honey Nut Cheerios Instant Win Game, it's pretty fun! Good luck, let me know if you win!

For all the mommies and soon to be mommies out there...

There are so many awesome resources to get free samples and even full sized products for those expectant moms! I wasn't even a couponer back when I was pregnant, yet my mailbox was constantly overflowing with tons of freebies!! Here are a few of them:

Enfamil -- when I registered they sent me 2 free cans of formula (full sized cans, not samples), a diaper bag, some freezer packs for the diaper bag, and each week they would send me a check good for purchase of more formula!

Similac -- They sent me lots of free formula too which I shared with friends because I chose to feed David enfamil, but I remember getting a lot of free products from them as well

Juicy Juice -- They sent me a free water bottle for David (just his size) but sometimes they'll send out sippy cups too. Plus I've gotten some coupons!

Gerber -- I think they sent me some sort of product, but I know for sure I got TONS of coupons on everything from onesies to bibs, anything and everything you could imagine coupons for!

Seventh Generation -- You'll notice I talk a lot about Seventh Gen, it's because they make such great products! If you're considering the all organic path when raising your child, they make great baby products!

Pampers -- They'll send you coupons, plus you can join the Gifts to Grow program and earn points to redeem for free products!

Huggies -- They'll also send you lots of coupons, even some free samples, then they have the Enjoy the Ride rewards program (I've already been able to redeem points for a $25 kohls gift card)

Toys R Us -- They have Geoffrey's bday club, they will send you a free gift and card for your child's birthday, and then you can take your child into the store the week of the birthday and they'll give him/her a crown, balloon, and announce his/her bday over the p.a.system!

Babies R Us -- When you're looking for a good place to register, this is definitely it! They'll provide you with some free items when you register (it varies year to year on what they give) and you'll get coupons throughout your pregnancy!

Poptarts Sprinklings -- This is a club for your kiddos for their birthday as well, they'll get a free poptart, card, banner to hang up, and they'll send some cute bday ideas for you as well. They also send a kit on the half bday!

Sonic -- They have a kids club that will get your kiddo a free kids meal on their birthday, and then a discounted meal on their half bday. (there's also a club for grownups where you can get a free drink/milkshake/tots on your bday!)

California Pizza Kitchen -- They sent me an email inviting David last year but unfortunately he was sick, but the invite said if I brought him in sometime in the 2 weeks around his bday, he would get a free dinner, dessert, and drink, and they would do something really cool, but we didn't get to find out what all it entails. It also didn't require us to purchase any other meals or anything, which is nice.

If you know of any others or if I have left any off, please let me know!


For those of you who were at the coupon class and gave me your email address, I haven't forgotten to send you an email with notes from the class, just haven't had time! I will get them to you as quickly as I can! For those who weren't at the class, if you want a copy of the notes please email me at with CLASS NOTES as the subject line and I will reply with a copy of the notes. Please note I will NEVER use your email address again unless you specifically ask me to email you with something else, nor will I ever sell your information. I hate spam, so I'm not going to pass any along to you.

Free Sample of South Beach bars!

I got this one a couple of months ago and it was DELICIOUS!!! It's available again, so hurry and get yours! Go here and fill out the questions to get your sample bar (allow 4-6 weeks for delivery).

Thanks Collin!

Check out Hip 2 Save!

Collin over at Hip 2 Save is doing a great "You in bloom" segment, talking about organization and lots of other great things! Go check it out when you have a chance, I'm learning a lot!!

Sorry for the lack of posts , computer issues!!

As in, I haven't been able to get any time on the computer! Anyway, I'm about to post lots of goodies, so keep your eyes open!