Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hey everyone, sorry I do not post very often! Life is crazy, as you all know, and I am super busy! I have decided to start back up again though and try to offer some more couponing and other money saving advice! If you are looking to get started please check out my post "Couponing 101". It will help you get off the ground running!

So, since it's been a while, here is an update on some of the things you can do to save yourself some money!

1.) Review your bills. You might be with Company A for electricity but Company B would give you 2 cents/kilowatt hour difference on your base rate. This could be a significant savings especially for a family! I was with one company where I could never expect a regular bill, and when I switched it was only a 3 cent difference in my base rate but I saved nearly $1000 in one year alone. Car insurance, make sure you have all the right discounts and coverages. ALWAYS review your policy declaration pages to ensure everything is correct! There are many things you can do on your bills to save some money! Call the companies and ask for promotional deals!

2.) When you coupon, only get the things you need. You will see these shows where people go and get 100 boxes of pasta for $1. This is not realistic, unless you have a large family or will be donating this food. You also have to consider that you will be storing the food, spending countless hours clipping those coupons, and spending half your day at the grocery store. Plus, when you clear the shelves you make it really difficult for someone who comes in and desperately needs one of that item.

3.) DIY! Pizza, your nails, your lawn, etc. My family loves my homemade pizzas and they would prefer them over a pizza chain any day! Find your favorite recipe and perfect it! Manis and Pedis on your own time, in the comfort of your own home with your glass of wine and a good movie on! Saves you $50+ and you get to stay in your comfy clothes!

4.) Contact your favorite companies, sign up for e-newsletters, this is how you get extra coupons! Even if you are planning a date night, go sign up for coupons! My husband and I plan our date nights usually a week in advance, and if we decide to try a new restaurant I'm immediately on their website signing up. Most recently I got a 10% off my entire bill coupon for a VERY expensive restaurant! Plus, this will get you tons of birthday freebies!

Just remember, there are many ways you can easily save money other than being an "extreme" couponer!

I'll keep some more stuff coming your way, and look for a fun feature all about new mommies toward the spring/summer! I have lots of friends who are pregnant so this will be a special for all the expecting mommies!