Monday, April 26, 2010

Come join me on Saturday for some food and fun!!

Just a friendly reminder, the coupon class/party is on Saturday May 1st, 1pm at Joe's Pasta and Pizza in Colleyville! Everyone is welcome and bring a friend or two if you know someone who would enjoy it!! I have SO MANY GIVEAWAYS to do!! Everyone will leave with something maybe even 2 things! I can't wait! If you have questions or need directions, email me at!! Can't wait to see you there!

Disney Movie Rewards!! So Rewarding!

I started doing Disney Movie Rewards about 2 months ago, and it took me barely any time to start getting freebies! Now, I absolutely LOVE this program! You can save up your points for really big items even blue rays, I have chosen to get re-usable bags both times I've saved up my points but it wouldn't be hard to save up for something a little bigger! You get points regularly in your email, and you get them inside Disney Dvds that you buy! They have tons of rewards to offer! Check it out here!

** Also, on a side note, if you are worried about filling up your inbox by signing up for these things, set up a "junk" account :). I have a few junk accounts on yahoo so I can keep my newsletters organized so I can find the deals easily!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Product Review: Lorina's sparkling beverages!

I have been drinking Lorina's sparkling lemonade for years now, I just love it so much! It's not heavy on the sparkling, it's a very light taste and they have lots of flavors to choose from! Mine is the French Berry Lemonade, it's so perfect for a nice relaxing meal! It's not very expensive either, the store closest to me that sells it has a pretty big bottle of it for around $5, but it's enough for 4-5 people to share! I absolutely LOVE Lorina's, if you have a location near you that sells it I highly recommend trying it!

Thank you to Lorina's for allowing me to review your delicious products!

Reusable bags!

Yes, I know, I talk about these a lot, but I also save a lot of money by finding opportunities to get these bags for free! So, naturally, you can understand my excitement when I got 5 new free ones in the past 3 days!! Here is my collection of bags:

So now, I have 11 bags which means an extra $.55 in savings on my grocery trips! I'm still waiting on 3-4 to come in the mail too, and these savings quickly add up! Plus, as you'll notice, I don't carry "plain" bags and I actually get lots of compliments on my bags in the store! I only paid for 2 of those bags, the rest were free! I got the Bebe one from that facebook promotion they did a month or two ago, the Princess and the Frog one is from Disney Movie Rewards, the two blue ones with blue and white waves on them were from Unilever, the 3 white ones are from Cafe Press (you have to pay $1.25 shipping but I had a paypal gift card), the black with writing is from Kohls and I also had a gift card for that one, the pink one and the black with white decorations are from Market Street (the only 2 I bought) and the green one I just got today from Target!! Target is running a promotion, I've heard it's all week but both of my stores ran out today, so I don't know if that's true. So, keep your eyes peeled for these deals and of course I'll tell you when I find them, and start using your reusable bags! :)

Lots of free samples from Walmart!!!

Go here to access lots of samples from Walmart, I usually receive mine in a couple of weeks, but still allow 4-6 weeks for delivery! Below are the current ones available, but I would bookmark this site because they add new ones pretty often!
Free Sample of Parents Choice Infant Formula
Free Sample of Benefiber Orange

Thanks Brandie!

Sorry (again) for the lack of posts!

I've been so busy planning the big party/class on May 1st that I just realized I haven't been posting all the great deals and freebies!! So I do apologize for that, but let me tell you for those who are coming to the class/party you'll definitely be excited to see how many FULL SIZE products I have to give away for FREE!!! I am so excited about May 1st, I can't wait for it to be here and I haven't even received all of the shipments of goodies yet! So many great things to give away, and you are welcome to invite anyone you want to bring, it's completely open to anyone who wants to come! I am goign to set up a little play area for the kiddos too, there won't be a babysitter but there will be things to (safely) distract them and keep them busy! So I look forward to seeing y'all there, it's going to be a great time!! Now on to the great deals and freebies...

Monday, April 12, 2010

Almost to 50 fans! Y'all are awesome!

I just wanted to take a minute to say Thanks to all of my fabulous fans, you are what keeps me going and you all keep me motivated to look for more great deals to share!! I hope you can all make it out to the coupon class/party, it's going to be a lot of fun and a few great companies are sending me some sample products for you all to try, so I am really looking forward to it!

Thanks again for all of the encouragement and support (and letting me know when you find deals on your own!)!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's here... Coupon/healthy living class!!

The coupon/healthy living class will be on May 1st at 1pm, in Colleyville, TX! Check the facebook page for more details, or email me! I will have TONS of coupons to give you, and lots of giveaways too! for more info!

FREE Stouffer’s Brand Pot Holder!!

This is so adorable (in my opinion, but I love kitchen supplies lol) and a great freebie! All you have to do is register if you haven't already for this Stouffer's Reward program, then take a survey and you'll have enough points for the pot holder! Takes 10-12 weeks for delivery.

Free Shirt from Aeropostale!

I just went to get mine tonight and they still had lots!! Just take the cover of the May Seventeen Magazine or print out the home page of and take it in, the shirt is really cute! It's a $17.50 value too, so very exciting!!