Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How to save on your monthly bills!

I recently started going through all of our bills and looking for ways to save on them, or things we have that are excess, and I ended up saving us a lot of money! Here are a few of the things I did and a few things I've heard from other people!

Car/Renter's Insurance -- I called around to a few companies and found the lowest price, switched over to them and I'm saving over $500/year and I was able to get Renter's insurance cheaper too, that saved me $30/year!

Cable/Internet -- We are stuck with a not so great cable company because of the contract our apartments signed a long time ago, so we have been overpaying by a lot for a few years now. We found out we could get different internet, just not cable, so we called another company, and saved $15/month on that and we have better service!

Rent -- we live in a place that we absolutely love but we are overpaying by a lot to live here. We decided this year to find a cheaper place to live, and we just signed a lease on a rent house that is $300/month cheaper than where we are now and it's bigger!

Electric -- I've heard from lots of people although I haven't tried this because I am entirely too forgetful :). I have heard that you can set up all of your major electronics on either a power strip that turns off or you can unplug them (except the fridge of course) before you leave for the day! I have 2 friends who have done this for a long period of time, both live alone and have bills around $30/month. This could be a huge savings opportunity if you can remember to do it! At least remember to turn off your lights, TVs, radios, etc when you leave for the day, and during the winter time put blankets or towels at your doors to keep the cold out.
Also, call your electric company to see what you are paying per killowatt hour (my current rate is 12 cents) and see if they have any plans that will lower your monthly rate!

Do it yourself! -- You can do things like I've mentioned before, make your own pizzas, do your own mani/pedis, etc, but you can also do things around the house to save some money! Do your own lawn, pool, and house cleaning if you are currently paying a service to do it. It's a great way to learn new skills and it will save you a lot of money each month! Just think, if you are paying $30 every 2 weeks to have someone mow your lawn, you are paying $720/year which is almost $2/day!

Just take a look at your bills, see what you can cut back a little, and always be looking for a better deal!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

FREE Sample of Bacon Salt!

Go here to get a FREE sample of Bacon Salt!! I have heard from some people that it's charging $1 I'm guessing for shipping, but in our area you shouldn't have a problem! It didn't charge me :).

Thanks again Collin!

FREE DaVinci Pasta & Recipe Cards!

Simply go here and “Like” DaVinci on Facebook to score a FREE package of DaVinci Pasta and complimentary recipe cards! After “Liking” them, send an e-mail to promotions@worldfiner.com with your shipping address, year of birth, and Facebook ID (so they know who you are) and they'll send you the free pasta and recipe cards! I also looked them up without the link so this is their actual page.

Thanks Collin!