Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sorry (again) for the lack of posts!

I've been so busy planning the big party/class on May 1st that I just realized I haven't been posting all the great deals and freebies!! So I do apologize for that, but let me tell you for those who are coming to the class/party you'll definitely be excited to see how many FULL SIZE products I have to give away for FREE!!! I am so excited about May 1st, I can't wait for it to be here and I haven't even received all of the shipments of goodies yet! So many great things to give away, and you are welcome to invite anyone you want to bring, it's completely open to anyone who wants to come! I am goign to set up a little play area for the kiddos too, there won't be a babysitter but there will be things to (safely) distract them and keep them busy! So I look forward to seeing y'all there, it's going to be a great time!! Now on to the great deals and freebies...

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