Sunday, April 18, 2010

Reusable bags!

Yes, I know, I talk about these a lot, but I also save a lot of money by finding opportunities to get these bags for free! So, naturally, you can understand my excitement when I got 5 new free ones in the past 3 days!! Here is my collection of bags:

So now, I have 11 bags which means an extra $.55 in savings on my grocery trips! I'm still waiting on 3-4 to come in the mail too, and these savings quickly add up! Plus, as you'll notice, I don't carry "plain" bags and I actually get lots of compliments on my bags in the store! I only paid for 2 of those bags, the rest were free! I got the Bebe one from that facebook promotion they did a month or two ago, the Princess and the Frog one is from Disney Movie Rewards, the two blue ones with blue and white waves on them were from Unilever, the 3 white ones are from Cafe Press (you have to pay $1.25 shipping but I had a paypal gift card), the black with writing is from Kohls and I also had a gift card for that one, the pink one and the black with white decorations are from Market Street (the only 2 I bought) and the green one I just got today from Target!! Target is running a promotion, I've heard it's all week but both of my stores ran out today, so I don't know if that's true. So, keep your eyes peeled for these deals and of course I'll tell you when I find them, and start using your reusable bags! :)

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