Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My freebies tonight!

I have mentioned Market Street (also known as United in other areas of TX) before, and they always have such great deals going on! This week's special Meal Deal was when you buy a 2 lb velveeta you get rotel, On the border chips, and jimmy dean sausage for free! Then I also had a coupon for them for spend $10 get a free gallon of milk. I still have my coupons that Bar S sent me, so I also got 6 packs of hot dogs, they were on sale for $.99 each, so I used my $5 any $5 purchase coupon and a $1 off coupon! I also picked up some excedrin and some ketchup, my original total was $24.57, ending total was $7.91, a savings of over 70%!!! Here is my transaction and the picture of my great deal!!
Gallon of milk $2.39
Excedrin 24 ct $2.79
On the Border chips $3.29
Store brand Ketchup (was 75 cents cheaper than name brand) $1.49
Rotel $.99
Bar-S Hot dogs $5.94 (6 packs)
Velveeta 2 lb $4.49
Jimmy Dean sausage $3.19

Total Sales $24.57

minus $.05 for bringing my own (super cute) bag
Meal Deal - $7.47
Bar S Coupons - $6
Free Milk coupon - $2.39
Excedrin coupon - $.75

Ending total $7.91

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