Monday, February 22, 2010

PRODUCT REVIEW: Kardea Nutrition Bars!

Thank you very much to the wonderful people at Kardea for allowing me to review their product on this blog. 

This morning I tried a delicious and very filling Kardea breakfast bar. I tried the Chai Spice flavor and it is SO delicious! I had another one for my afternoon snack because they were so good I couldn't wait! This fantastic bar is actually really good for your heart health and for helping to lower cholesterol! At only 150 calories/bar, it's a great chance to help you with your weight loss goals too!

The fabulous team over at Kardea has made a special discount code for my readers only! If you want to experience these for yourself, head over to their website and check it out for yourselves!! I am very excited to try some of the other flavors available, and with this discount they've given us it will be much easier to do so!! You can get 25% off your order by entering DFW25% at checkout! Here is a deal scenario:

Buy the 15 pack of Chai bars regularly priced at $24.95

Enter code DFW25% where it says "coupon code" save $6.24

Shipping costs $9.23 

That brings your total to $27.94  which is only $1.86/bar! Not too bad for a full breakfast! 

They have lots of other bars and multipacks on their site, so you may be able to score an even better deal!! 

Thanks again to the great people at Kardea for letting me review their product, and for making this great product!!  

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  1. Ciara, your enthusiasm is contagious! I've got to try the Chai Spice flavor. Wait til you try the cranberry almond & banana nut flavors ... you'll be eating 4 bars a day!!

    Thanks for the coupon code too - saving $ (along with calories & cholesterol) is always a bonus.