Monday, November 16, 2009

Big Deal from Target last week!

Ok, I know many of you who are already friends of mine on Facebook were wondering about this deal, so here is the scoop!
On the 11th, I went up to Target just to get a Mr. Potato Head dressed as Santa (pictured above), he was on sale for $5.99 and I had a $5 off coupon. So I happily spent my $1, and out popped a coupon for a $20 gift card if I purchased a new prescription or transferred a new prescription. I just went to the doc a few weeks ago and had a prescription for headache meds, so I took that and got it filled.
I got a $20 gift card!
That night, I needed pullups, and I also needed undershirts for my hubby, so I went back up to Target. I already had coupons for free Always 18 packs of pads (I had 2 of them, you can score these at, just request that sample pack, it's inside the package with the samples of pads). So I went and got pullups, and found peelie coupons on each package, one was for $1.50 off, one was for $3 off, then I got my hubby's shirts, they were supposed to be $10 but were ringing up at $12. But, after all of my coupons and all the sales, my total was $29, minus the gift card, all I paid out of pocket was $9. Then, I went to customer service after I noticed the shirts rang up wrong, and the very nice lady adjusted it for me and gave me $2 back, making my actual total $7 for 2 packs of pullups, 2 boxes of pads, and a pack of undershirts!
Then, I went to Kroger just to browse and look for good deals. I stopped by the halloween clearance table, and saw some adorable stickers (pictured above also), and then I saw a box of Hefty one zip halloween themed baggies!! This table was marked 75% off, which would've made the baggies 50 cents each!!!! I thought it had to be a mistake, and I had a coupon for $1 off if I purchased 2, so I looked in the baggie section, and of course, they weren't on sale. But when I went to the register, I asked the cashier to price check it, and explained that they had been on that table. She talked to the manager and she marked them down 50%, making them $1/each. So for 2 boxes of baggies and a package of 150 stickers, I paid $1.30!
So, to recap, I got all of the above pictured items for approx $9!

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