Saturday, November 21, 2009

Freebies on Wednesday!

I had lots of coupons to go use and a day off during the week, so I went and got lots of freebies! Here is the picture and the breakdown...

  • I received the All you mag in the mail
  • I had a $5 off any purchase for hallmark, so I shopped their clearance section and found a CD (which I love btw, been listening to it everyday!), and a very pretty trinket box that says "Live simply", which is my motto haha
  • I had purchased something at Target a few weeks ago that had gone bad before I bought it, so I called their consumer hotline on the box and they sent me a $3 coupon for any market pantry/ archer farms food or beverage purchase. So with that I was able to get a jar of crushed red pepper, a can of green beans, and a box of hot cocoa!
  • I had a $5 Kohls coupon as well (off any purchase), so with that I got a gift bag with body wash, lotion, and a loofah, and then to make it exactly $5 I got a kitchen towel!
  • I got coupons for free Steaz drinks (there is a link on hip2save that I will be posting soon if it's still valid)
So make sure if you've been checking these other blogs I've mentioned that you're getting your freebies! Also, another tip I have is to combine your freebie trips into one night/week so you aren't wasting gas money :).

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