Saturday, November 14, 2009

Welcome to Money Saving Mommy!!!

Welcome to my blog, where I will make an effort everyday to bring to you the best deals in the DFW area.
Where should you start when you are a beginner at couponing? My favorite sites and ones I will reference multiple times throughout this blog are , , , and The lovely ladies who own these websites are so great at finding weekly deals from different stores, and at finding the free samples and items that you can either get by signing up on a website, or just with your coupons!!
My website will primarily focus on how to get your grocery bills down to a minimum while still getting everything you need, however I will also be posting the free things I come across!
I have to work with a $300/month budget for me, my husband and my son, which includes ALL groceries for the entire month. I know it can be hard sometimes to make a budget work, so my goal is to give you all of the advice I can on how to make your budget work for you! So look around, and enjoy saving money!

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