Saturday, November 14, 2009

Couponing 101

I know a lot of people who have asked me exactly how to get started with couponing. It all depends on each person, and each person's environment. It is imperative that you sit down and figure out exactly what products you use and on what basis you use them. Do you need to buy shampoo once a month or once every other month? It will help to keep your budget functional if you know these things. For instance, I know if I buy an 18 pack of paper towels I can get through 2 more grocery trips before I have to buy more. This is usually a $15 purchase, so I know I won't have to spend that money for a while and that's very reassuring and very useful information.
The basics though, that I tell everyone who asks, is the routine that I do every week. The following is my "couponing schedule":
Sundays I clip all of the coupons (the only ones I don't clip are hair color coupons because my sister in law does my hair) and organize them in my coupon folder. I organize mine alphabetically, and I put them in a binder using baseball card sleeves. Just organize them in a way that makes sense to you.
Monday-Saturday I check the blogs I have listed on the right hand side of my page, and go do any free item runs that I can, sign up for email lists that look safe and do not require any purchases. These 4 blogs are extremely helpful and I am so grateful to these ladies who take time out of their busy days to update them!!
On Thursday of every week, Old Navy has a coupon update on their page , it happens anytime at an unspecified and unknown time. Just click around their site and you'll find great coupons! They sometimes even have the $75 off $100 purchase coupon! It's like a fun puzzle, and on, the wonderful and talented Brandie has a live chat to discuss with each other where the coupons are located.
The primary stores you will notice that I shop at are Target, Market Street (United), Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, and Kroger. I love Albertsons and Rite Aid, but I unfortunately do not have them in my area. Target has an awesome coupon policy and they will let you "stack" a manufacturer coupon and a store coupon. Some stores such as Market Street I don't receive ADs for in my mail, I live just outside the mailing region, so I just pick up the Ad in store or check online at
Here are some definitions and abbreviations, I will try to avoid using these but I will slip sometimes and use them:
WAGS: Walgreens
MFG Coupon: Manufacturer coupon (this will say "manufacturer coupon" somewhere on the coupon
Store coupon: a coupon that can only be used at the specified store, usually Target has these
Price Match: a few stores do this, check with your local stores to be sure. This is where they will accept a price from another store, provided you have an Ad to prove it. For instance, let's say Walmart has a Mr. Potato Head on sale for $4, and it's $5 at Target, if this is an advertised price in Walmart's ad, you just take that Ad to Target and they adjust the price.
Also, I will post pictures not only here but on my Facebook page as well! Just click on the link on the right hand side of my page to get the FB updates too!
If you have any questions, please feel free to email me anytime at !!
I will post some pictures soon of the great deals I have gotten this week along with a description of how I got them! Have a fantastic weekend!

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