Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Free stuff today!

I made another Target stop today, I wanted to look for these items last night but didn't have time as Target was closing :).

Gillette body wash $2

  • I used a $2 off any Gillette body wash coupon (I think it came in one of my other gillette products I bought a long time ago)

Gillette Clinical Strength deodorant $2

  • I used a $2 off coupon (also came off another product)

Huggies wipes $1.57

  • I used a $.50 off Target coupon and a $1.00 off Mfg coupon (found in a coupon book I got at Tom Thumb in the health/beauty section)

Then I had 2 bags that I brought, so when that discount was taken off the wipes were free instead of 7 cents + tax! (See, this really does come in handy!)

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