Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Grocery Trips January 2010

Here is what I promised, the details of my 2 grocery trips!

Market Street

8th Continent Soymilk $2.99
Red River Milk $2.39
International Delight Vanilla Latte $1.79
Red River Heavy Whipping Cream $.99
Glade 4.9 oz Soy Candle $5.79
Lawry's Marinade $2.79
Mrs. Bairds Bread $1.99
Mrs Bairds Hot Dog buns $1.99
Food Club Long Grain Rice $.69
Food Club String Cheese 24 pk $6.49
Boneless Skinless Chicken 1.71 lbs $6.14
Boneless Pork Chops 1.15 lbs $5.76
Eckrich Smoked Sausage (2pks) $6.00
Market Street brand Sausage $2.29
Bar S Hot Dogs (2 pks) $1.98
White Seedless Grapes 2.82 lbs $10.12
Del Monte Orchard Select (jars of fruit) $3.59
Del Monte Orchard Select (jars of fruit) $3.59
Bag of Baby Spinach (fresh express) $2.99
Navel Oranges 1.70 lbs $2.70
Red Pears 1.58 lbs $.93
4 Bring your own bag discounts = -$.20 

Total Sales $68.32
Health Food Meal sale (free spinach, long grain rice, and lawry's marinade)=  -$5.47
$1 off Bar S when you buy 2 packs = -$1
$1 off Ochard Selects (2 coupons) = -$2
$1 off any Mrs. Bairds product (got this for emailing them) (2 coupons) = -$2
$1 off 8th Continent Soymilk (peelie coupon on package) = -$1
Free International Delight coupon (for being a facebook fan) = -$1.79
Free Glade candle 4.9oz (for emailing company) = -$5.79

Total Coupons $13.58 

Total after coupons $54.74

This was my smaller shopping trip, next is Target! The healthy food meal sale is going on and it is when you buy the boneless skinless chicken breasts (cost me $6.14) you get free fresh express spinach, long grain rice, and a bottle of Lawry's marinade!


I was typing up the details from my Target trip, when about halfway down the receipt I noticed some extra charges, something I didn't even buy is on there, so Target will be posted later tonight, I have to go back up there and figure out what they are charging me for on my receipt!! So stay tuned for part 2!!

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