Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Reusable bags!

Just wanted to remind everyone of the rewards of using the reusable bags! Many stores now are rewarding us for using these bags with 5 cent discounts which may not seem like much, but it comes in handy, especially if you coupon and get really close to free, sometimes it will take your total down to free! The rule is usually you only get the discount on the bags you actually need to use (for example, you can't bring 5 bags for one item), however if you get a really awesome cashier they will give you however many you bring!
This helps the environment, gets the clutter of the paper/plastic bags out of your kitchen and actually probably in a small way helps the economy. I used to work for a grocery store and plastic bags back in 2005 cost 5 cents per bag for the company to buy, 7 cents per bag for paper. So you are saving the company some money by using them, which in turn allows them (and hopefully they take the opportunity) to lower their prices.
I don't like blah bags, so I buy them when they are A.) on sale and B.) really cute! If you live near a Market Street, they have really adorable bags, even some that look like footballs if you are male or have a man who goes to the store!

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